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j e macleod Books have always been special to me, and as much as I loved reading when I was a teenager, I loved writing. Mostly journals and short stories. After high school I went to college and took a journalism/advertising course at Red River College. I wrote advertising for a radio station and then for a TV station in a tiny town in Saskatchewan. To be honest, it was boring and this was in the days before the Internet, so I headed home, went back to school and eventually started working in sales.

For a while I sold Kraft stuff to grocery stores, like KD and Peanut Butter. Once I dressed up as the Sugar Crisp Bear at an NHL hockey game. Next, I became a Liquor Rep and got lots of free stuff including a free trip to Ireland where I met cows raised only to provide Bailey's Irish Cream with milk. Good job for a cow I thought. I've had other cool jobs, too. While in college, I was a DJ. I even had groupies.

I stayed in sales for years but I missed writing. When I realized how much I looked forward to composing the annual Christmas letter, a light bulb went off. You know, an imaginary one. Over the head- thing. After I had my son, I started writing again. I started small with magazine articles and then I wrote my first book. Something I'd always wanted to do.

I kept writing and learning the craft and collected an impressive amount of rejections. But the writing bug had bitten me. Waiting to Score is my first published novel but I'm writing more, so stay tuned!

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How come you wrote about a hockey player? Why a boy POV?
Zack came to me exactly as the story starts. There he was, in the dressing room. The new guy. Again. Zack evolved over time. He got naughtier. I think he was the boy I was supposed to date in high school. Also, I have two brothers who played hockey and my dad coached, so I kind of grew up in a hockey rink. I guess it rubbed off.

What kind of research did you do for this story?
Well. I talked to my younger brother, Kyle and got some hockey stuff from him. The passing and scoring feelings. He was one of my first readers. I also had to find out what bruised ribs would be like. My Mom's an x-ray tech so I talked to her. Mostly I made stuff up.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?
It changes as I write. I used to hate revising, but now I like it. Sometimes. Mostly, I'm impatient. I have to let my work brew sometimes. Plus, the Internet easily sidetracks me.

Did you struggle with any parts of writing?
I like the beginning, but I always have to go back. The middle is the hardest. I like endings too. I'm more of a seat of the pants writer. I wish I were more organized. The first draft is the hardest for me. I enjoy the revision process.

What do you hope the reader will gain from your books?
With WAITING TO SCORE, I hope boys can see some of themselves in Zack and girls can get a glimpse at the softer side of boys. Teen years can be really tough for boys and for girls, and I hope I address some of those issues. It's not okay to let other people get mistreated and abused. Or to do it to yourself. I wanted to show that you can go through 'stuff' and make out okay. Mona would have been okay if she'd kept going. I know that. A person in pain maybe needs a little understanding and friendship. Things aren't always as they seem. Labels suck.

What are you working on now?
I'm working on a new YA about two sisters. The rest is top secret. Well. Not so much, but that's all I'll say right now. I'm always writing. It keeps me sane. Well. Relatively speaking.

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